Love Kingston, formerly part of Kingston Voluntary Action, recently achieved independent charity status and the Kingston Charitable Foundation was established in February 2021.

Kingston Charitable Foundation will continue to build on the excellent reputation and heritage of Love Kingston, which has raised the funds for, and given out £116,000 in grants to 53 grantees over last 8 years.

For further information about our 2021 Grants Programme, please contact us.


Local community engagement

Love Kingston will continue to be a much-loved part of Kingston Charitable Foundation.  For information about upcoming LK events, please contact our Community Events & Fundraising Manager, Justine Belcher.

Our new foundation will grow our charitable fund, in-order to provide grants to charities, both now and into the distant future.

We will enable families, individuals, companies and trusts to establish funds to continue to help support our community in the ways it needs.

Please contact our CEO Hicky Kingsbury, for more information on how you can help change lives locally.


Over 20 years’ experience

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in bringing together donors, and those in need; through generosity and kindness.

Read about how we have collectively made a difference to our community, in our Impact Report 2020.

Join us in our vision to build stronger communities, where everyone’s needs are met.